There are 3 two hour lessons for a total of 6 hours (you can only do 2 hours a day). Most kids spread them out and do the last one closer to their driving test.  Make sure you schedule your driving test appointment around 2 months in advance.  You can do that at www.mndriveinfo.org.   Ideally you don't schedule all 3 lessons in the same month.  Plan ahead and schedule lessons over the course of 6-12 months.  Don't wait until a month or two before your birthday or test to start the process.

Only Delano area kids can schedule appointments under the Rue/Litfin page.  All Orono area and Delano area kids can sign up on any other page.   All non-Orono students who get out of school after 2:30 we will automatically adjust your time to your schools release time.  Still sign up for the 2:30. As an example a Delano student's time would adjust to 2:50.  The 12-2pm time slots on school days are for homeschool kids or anyone who doesn't have to be in school that day.  We CANNOT take kids out of school unless approved by the school.

Mound Westonka kids CANNOT schedule online.  You will need to contact Roger Illies directly at 472-4596

The schedule can be booked up 6-12 weeks at a time so plan accordingly.  If it says "no appointments available this month" it means that month is completely booked as of now. Appointments are added every month.  If your pop up blocker doesn't allow you to see online schedule here is a direct link ONLINE SCHEDULING

Dates are added each month.   Summer schedule is not fully populated yet.  There will be many Summer dates added.   Most instructors only post their schedules a month or so at a time.  Check back often to see added dates.  If you need to get in sooner contact me directly to work something out.  We can usually work something out in time for testing.

Contact Rob Illies at: Westonkadriving@gmail.com
                                      Text at 952-237-5971
                                      Call/Voicemail at 952-955-1486 

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