Classroom dates for Summer of 2023 are locked in at Orono and Watertown.  Delano Summer dates will be locked in by mid March.

                                   You can register for Summer classes through Orono community ed.  Registration begins March 14.
                                   June 12-23 one session 9-noon and one session 1-4pm. July 10-21 at 9-noon.  July 24-Aug 4 at 9-noon.                 

                                  You can register for Summer classes through Delano community ed. 
                                                   Dates are:  Rue session 1 is June 5-7, 12-15, 19-21 at 9-noon.  Rue session 2 is July 10-13, 17-20, 24-25 at 9-noon
                                  Gilmer 1 June 19-23, 26-30 at 9-noon.  Gilmer session 2 is July 26, 27, July 31-Aug 3, Aug 7-10 at 9-noon

                                     Watertown Mayer will have 2 Summer classes.  Registration opens April 3rd.  Class 1 June 5-9 at 9-                                           noon and June 26-30 at 9-noon.
                                     Class 2 July 10-21 at 9-noon Monday through Friday.

Safe Communities of Wright County | Parent-Teen Class for Driver Education

Effective January 1, 2015, new Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws went into effect in Minnesota. One of the new requirements is that every driver under the age of 18 who completes behind the wheel instruction and is testing for a provisional driver’s license must submit a driving log. 

Parents / guardians have two options regarding the supervised driving log: 
Complete a supplemental parent class provided by a driver education program approved in Minnesota, and then submit a supervised driving log showing their teen has completed at least 40 hours of supervised driving, 15 of which are nighttime hours; OR
If the parent/guardian chooses to not complete the supplemental parent class, the driving log must show that their teen has completed at least 50 hours (3,000 minutes) of supervised driving, 15 (900 minutes) of which are nighttime hours. 
This Safe Communities program meets the state requirements for the parent class and will explain in detail specific changes enacted to keep your teen safe behind the wheel. 

Attendance strongly recommended for both the parent and the teen 
This program is included in the Driver Ed Classroom fee
Anyone from any community is welcome.

Students and parents taking classroom at Orono are allowed to take the supplemental parent class at Delano Middle school with no registration or fee.